We are thrilled to share some interesting news: Distributed ledger technologies, including blockchain infrastructures, are on the verge of transforming the scientific community. On June 19,   MPDL presented the bloxberg blockchain to the German National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) Community during the NFDI InfraTalk, showcasing its potential impact on scientific research.

In the NFDI InfraTalk, scientists from different disciplines present exciting topics around NFDI and research data management. In this recent episode "Protect Your Intellectual Property: The Benefits of Certifying Your Research Data on the World's Largest Scientific Blockchain Network bloxberg", we provided valuable insights into the largest international scientific blockchain with a proof-of-authority consensus.Recognized for its high potential in scientific endeavors, bloxberg allows researchers worldwide to create a transparent record of their work without disclosing its contents, timestamping their research data, and safeguarding their intellectual property. 

NFDI systematically connects and makes valuable scientific data accessible for the entire German science system. Its primary objective is to create a permanent digital knowledge repository, following the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable). NFDI consortia, consisting of various research institutions, collaborate interdisciplinary to achieve this goal. 

MPDL is actively working to monitor and stay updated on the activities of MPIs within the NFDI. Additionally, MPDL is actively participating in an MPG working group dedicated to the advancement of the German National Research Data Infrastructure.


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