Open Science practices become more and more a part of researchers‘ lives.

MPDL presents a virtual series of pertinent talks to provide Max Planck colleagues with the latest information on Open Science best practices, tools, platforms, and regulations.

We invited speakers from diverse fields to present their Open Science related projects, experiences or initiatives.

Our aim is to provide the audience with a broad range of topics coming from Open Science related fields like

  • Open Access -Public access to research outcome in the form of publications
  • Open Research Data - A free access to research data
  • Linked Open Data - Access to and cross-linking of public data stocks
  • Open Review - The quest for alternative solutions to the traditional review processes provided by journal publishers, in order to improve transparency in this field
  • Open Source - The development and usage of Open Source software for research activity
  • Citizen Science - The involvement of amateur or non-professional scientists in the research process
  • Open Education - The endeavour to a broad access to learning and training – far beyond the existing options provided by the traditional education system
  • Pre-Registration/Registered Reports - Submission and peer review of manuscripts, project plans and hypothesis

If you are interested in connecting with MPG wide colleagues, inspiring discussions and upskilling talks we invite you to join our 45 minute sessions starting on Wednesday June 30 at 1:00 pm (CEST).


The first talk will be about

Recent developments in the EC policy on Open Science

by Alea López de San Román, European Commission´s Directorate for Research and Innovation


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