Digital information has become indispensable to the daily routine of every researcher, in fields from educational research to astrophysics, from coal research to chemical ecology. An article is downloaded every second, a new publication goes out every 10 minutes. Research data, delivered in highly organized form. It is MPDL's goal to enable and orchestrate this information flow for all Max Planck Society researchers.

MPDL has faced up to this enormous responsibility for over a decade. Based on the generous funding of the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation it became the Center of Information Management of the MPG. It owes its prestigious reputation to its tangible successes and wide diversity of services, as well as its unfailing readiness to address new challenges and projects and to add to and enhance the proven tool-kit of scientific information management.

The digital opportunities open to mankind and science double every 18 months. Through their expertise and dynamism, MPDL's employees contribute day on day to securing the Max Planck Society's position as a leader in international competition, now and in the future.

The wire in this website's design symbolizes the tension between the priorities of sustainable service and innovation as well as the underlying themes of information flow and agility.

Take a look around. We look forward to welcoming you and your inquiries.

Dr. Frank Sander
General Manager MPDL