MPDL became the center of information management of the MPG based on the generous funding from the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation through the years 2001 to 2006. During this period the Heinz Nixdorf Center for Information Management of the Max Planck Society (ZIM) conducted a series of projects building the key infrastructures and tools for managing scientific information.


Max Planck eDocument Server - institutional repository of the Max Planck Society to provide open access to research results.

With the "Max Planck eDocument Server" the ZIM offers Max Planck Institutes a platform to capture their intellectual output in digital form and to expose it through the World Wide Web to a worldwide audience. Implementing internationally recognized, open metadata standards and interfaces we aim to integrate this institutional digital archive carefully into a worldwide distributed network of scholarly digital collections and thus to increase the visibility of information resulting from research conducted at Max Planck Institutes. While the technical infrastructure and standards determination are provided centrally, the individual collections are managed locally by the participating Institutes.

eSciDoc - an integrated information and communication platform for the MPG.

eSciDoc is a 5 year project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It is an important component of the Max Planck Society (MPG) wide sInfo program and will establish a sustainable infrastructure for scientific information, communication and distribution of research results via Open Access, using the example of the Max Planck Society. The components developed will be offered to interested communities as reusable solutions in order to put them in a position to also contribute components for the emerging global knowledge network and develop further community-specific services on the basis of the common eSciDoc infrastructure.

eSciDoc is a joint project of the Max Planck Society and FIZ Karlsruhe

Living Reviews - extension of the editorial concept of the online journal Living Reviews in Relativity to other areas of research.

Living Reviews is a joint project between the Max Planck Institute of Gravitational Physics in Golm (Albert Einstein Institute, AEI) and the Heinz Nixdorf Center for Information Management in the Max Planck Society (ZIM). By setting up this project aim to make a significant contribution to the innovation of scholarly communication in the Internet era: through introducing to a larger scientific community the Living Reviews concept.

Contributions: facilitate the foundation of a family of Living Reviews type journals, by sharing knowledge and experience, providing core technical infrastructures and services for the production and management of LR journals, development of open source publishing tools.

Max Planck Virtual Library - integrated access to information resources for Max Planck Researchers.

We are setting up of an information portal with a common search interface for distributed resources (Max Planck online library catalogs, A&I databases, relevant web repositories) and a Max Planck context sensitive reference linking system. This project is the starting point of a Virtual Library for Max Planck Society, which is expected to mature over time.