Facility and in-house services are support by the Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy.


MPDL Information

With its MPDL Information department, MPDL takes care of providing the researchers at the Max Planck Institutes, in a seamless and efficient manner, with all relevant electronic information resources such as journals and reference databases. MPDL Information is running all operations related to the system-wide electronic resources licensing program ("Grundversorgung"). In particular, MPDL Information works together with vendors and content providers, is responsible for negotiations and license agreements, organizes all electronic resource management activities, administers the search & retrieval interfaces established for the scientific end-users, and contributes to the Open Access agenda of the Max Planck Society. MPDL Information oversees numerous well-introduced systems and services and is closely cooperating with the information retrieval services and libraries of the various Max Planck Institutes.


MPDL Collections

With its MPDL Collections department MPDL maintains data collections and applications for scientific information management. Its main focus is on operating and supporting the institutional repository software on behalf of the Max Planck Society (MPG.Pure). This system is the backbone for the search engine visibility of the Max Planck Society publications; it is also used to validate bibliometric databases and to provide data feeds for a variety of homepages, applications and reports such as the Yearbook of the Max Planck Society. This department also operates and supports a series of software suites and production systems filled with research data. These activities are based on sustainable application scenarios together with appropriate operational concepts as developed in collaboration with the respective Max Planck Institutes. Building on its experience in handling different digital formats, metadata and harvesting standards and in data processing, MPDL Collections can also offer advice for concepts and policies in research data management.


MPDL Digital Labs

With its MPDL Digital Labs department MPDL supports the Max Planck Institutes with tools for research data management and information on new services.