We are happy to inform you about the newest update of our messaging service – Minerva Messenger. The Minerva Messenger (based on Mattermost) brings all MPG communication together, making it searchable, accessible & easy to use – anywhere. That is why we are constantly keen on providing you with new updates and ensuring all functionalities are working well.

The Minerva Messenger January 2022 update entails the following integrations and upgrades:

  • GitLab Plugin Release
    Accessing your GWDG GitLab account from inside Minerva Messenger is possible now. With this plugin, you can receive updates on GWDG GitLab repositories and manage the issues directly in Minerva Messenger.
  • BigBlueButton (GWDG Meet integration) upgrade to v4.3.0
    Improved join meeting UX and optimized the UI in dark theme. Added max length limit on the external user name. Fixed a bug where meetings with no recording were polled forever. Now only the creator of the meeting can end the conference.
  • Server upgrade to v5.37.5
    Fixed the issue that OpenID redirect did not work when hosting Mattermost on a subdirectory. Fixed the issue that v5.37 reported an incorrect mmctl version.

You can find additional details in our Minerva Messenger Knowledge Base.

If you are not on Minerva Messenger yet, check it out here.