We are pleased to announce a cooperation between the Institute of Technical Chemistry (TCI) of the Leibniz University Hannover and the MPDL with the shared mission of developing and distributing a service app to make lab work easier and more efficient. The mutual goal is to further develop a Colony Counter App and provide its open-source availability for a wider network of Max Planck Scientists. The Colony Counter App is a tool, which allows taking and scanning pictures of bacterial colonies, by the inbuilt camera of the smartphone or tablet. Thanks to an image-processing algorithm, providing digital picture analysis, the app counts and determines the amount of captured colonies, enabling lab work to be more efficient and precise. The algorithm has been developed by Dr. Daniel Marquard, Dr. Patrick Lindner, M.Sc. Ferdinand Lange, Prof. Sascha Beutel and Prof. Thomas Scheper from the TCI.

The app will be further developed and improved for usage and distributed by the MPDL Team.

We are looking forward to this cooperation!