The MPDL is always striving to provide services that are top quality in the smallest details. MPDL’s Sync and Share tool KEEPER makes no exception and one focus of it is the collaborative writing tool. After conducting tests for various document-editing systems, KEEPER has just received a new and improved Office service: OnlyOffice!
This includes better compatibility with Microsoft Office, enhanced collaboration with tracking, review, comments, and more! KEEPER-users have the possibility to work directly on Office files in the browser - independently of your operating system and device. You can also work with your colleagues on the same document at the same time, while also tracking changes, chatting, commenting, and reviewing. There's also the possibility to work with non-KEEPER users, making it the perfect place to collaborate or to work on a file alone, but seamlessly with multiple devices.

MPDL’s KEEPER team even wrote a whole experience report about it! If you’re interested in the whole procedure, go here & learn more about the challenges, the alternatives, bugs, and the overall happy end!


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