Thanks to a new framework agreement negotiated by the Max Planck Digital Library, scientists at participating German institutions will be able to publish their research articles accepted for publication in Nature and Nature Research journals openly for the first time ever.

With scientists affiliated with German institutions publishing nearly 400 new research articles a year in the high-impact and well-respected Nature and Nature Research journals, the new agreement is an unprecedented opportunity to increase the visibility and impact of the very best of German research.

Key features of the agreement:

  • The terms of the agreement will initially be offered to current subscribers of Nature journals in Germany. A tiered pricing structure has been developed, taking into account previous Nature subscriptions and average annual publication volumes in Nature journals.
  • The vast proportion of the fees paid by each institution will be reallocated to support open access publishing of articles by their affiliated researchers.
  • At the same time, institutions will gain access to the entire portfolio of Nature Research and Nature Review journals, including to all new journals launched over the term of the agreement.

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Information for German research institutions and libraries

The Nature framework agreement is offered on an opt-in basis and is complementary to, and independent of, the DEAL-Springer Nature agreement. Institutions that currently subscribe to Nature and Nature-branded journals will be contacted by the publisher in the next few days with detailed information on the offer and agreement terms.

The Max Planck Digital Library negotiated the framework agreement, but, institutions wishing to receive the services agreed in the framework agreement will sign bilateral agreements with Springer Nature.

Implementation of agreements, including invoicing and provision of access, will be carried out exclusively by Springer Nature. The Max Planck Digital Library will provided support in managing the Open Access publication rights of participating institutions for the duration of the contract.

The framework agreement between Springer Nature and the MPDL will be published shortly.