Open Access Publishing

also called “Gold” Open Access

means publishing in a genuine Open Access journal which ensures immediate free access to all articles at the very moment of publication. Copyright will remain with the authors while a public license (usually Creative Commons license CC-BY) is applied to the article. Many Open Access “Gold” journals require payment of „article processing charges“ (APCs) to replace the subscription charges which were traditionally paid by libraries. MPDL strives to cover APCs for Max Planck authors by setting up agreements with Open Access publishers. Learn more about our central agreements.

Open Access Archiving

also called “Green” Open Access

means that the published article or the final peer reviewed manuscript is archived (deposited) by the author or a representative in an online repository before, alongside or after its publication. Self-archiving regulations differ between publisher’s. Normally authors have to check their publishing agreement to find out whether self-archiving is allowed.

Since 2014 German copyright law has allowed authors of research publications at non-university research institutes to re-publish their papers 12 months after the original publication in a manuscript format. This right cannot be rescinded by any publishing agreement.

MPDL supports Open Access Archiving by providing the institutional repository MPG.PuRe.


For questions on Open Access contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.