The sixth bloxberg Summit took place this year in Belgrade on October 26-27. The Summit was hosted by the Faculty of Organizational Sciences of the University of Belgrade in cooperation with the Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL). The expansion of the world's largest proof-of-authority network, operated exclusively by scientific institutions, was discussed. The technology, developed under the MPDL initiative and launched in 2019 with ten international universities, is a groundbreaking example of the application of blockchain in science. bloxberg acts as a pioneer for decentralized global infrastructure in the scientific field.

During the summit, Max Planck Society (MPG) was appointed Chair of the Board of the Association. It is represented by MPDL. For the very first time, the Summit was also opened to the general public on the second day. Under the theme "Blockchain Adaptation in Science," attendees had the opportunity to engage and network with prominent industry leaders such as Wolfram Alpha, Ethernity Cloud, ScieNFT, and other respected third parties.

For more detailed information, read the official bloxberg Association press release here.