Information for Max Planck Authors

Authors and editors affiliated with an eligible Max Planck Institute are entitled to publish their books open access. The open access publication is in addition to the publication of the print version of a title. The amount of the surcharge to be paid for the open access publication is calculated as a percentage of the print grant. The agreement will run until May 2027.

  • Eligible authors are all authors and volume editors affiliated with an eligible Max Planck Institute. Volume editors must additionally be authors of a chapter in an edited volume.
  • Eligible works under this agreement are monographs and edited volumes published by Mohr Siebeck. Textbooks, handbooks, comments and commemorative publications are not eligible works.
  • The works are published under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY License) in its current version. However, the authors/editors are free to choose a different CC license.

The costs of the open access surcharge are covered by the MPDL. The print grant is paid by the affiliated institute of the eligible author/editor and/or by the eligible author/editor themselves.


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