Generally, the contracts allow electronic access to information to staff members, guest scientists, Ph. D. students and postdocs affiliated to a Max-Planck institution.

In general the main conditions are:

  • The access is allowed for scientific and personal purposes only. Any usage for commercial purposes is prohibited
  • Users are requested to respect the rules of scientific citing
  • Only single articles may be downloaded. To make copies only for personal or scientific purposes is permitted
  • Generally users are not allowed to send electronic copies (PDFs) to recipients outside the Max-Planck Society
  • In those cases where a password is used, this must be kept confidential and must not be disclosed to third parties.
  • Any systematic downloading of articles or search results, in particular by robots, is prohibited; this also applies to systematic downloads via reference management software (i.e. EndNote)
  • All publishers reserve the right to disable access in cases of reasonable suspicion for abuse. Similarly, any breach of copyright can entail the same consequences. Technically this means that a campus if not the whole Max Planck Society may be switched off from access to the respective publisher's server.
  • Users are recommended to read the Conditions of use for publishers of resources relevant to them.

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