What is bloxsearcher?

bloxsearcher is an emerging community platform for MPG researchers managed by the Max Planck Digital Library to provide comprehensive background information on why and how blockchain technology can generate added value for science. To start with, bloxsearcher aims to facilitate access to already existing decentralized applications. With a growing community, bloxsearcher’s goal is to bring scientists together to kick-start collaborative design of sustainable blockchain applications.

From Bitcoin to reputation

bloxsearcher builds on bloxberg, a secure global blockchain infrastructure, that was established in early 2019 by a consortium of renowned research organizations under the leadership of the MPDL to provide scientists with decentralized services and foster collaboration among the scientific community.
No matter whether you are blockchain-savvy or new to the field, want to explore the opportunities or start incorporating blockchain applications into your workflows. If you are interested to hear more about bloxberg, dedicated decentralized applications, and the bloxsearcher initiative – become part of an innovative and interdisciplinary community.

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